First blog post

It is June 30, 2017. (Not sure why it says February at the top.) We are 6 months into the year and it has been 6 months since I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  This past 6 months has been a life changing experience on SO many levels, to say the least!!! I was diagnosed, had genetic testing, had a lumpectomy, had ovaries and tubes removed (which put me into menopause at 42), had someone try to convince everyone that I was LYING about having cancer because I did not handle things the way she thought I should, I guess. I was unable to start my business in which I had paid off my schooling for, I had no income, I lost my car, got behind on bills and rent…did not qualify for help because I could not show loss of income. (I was going to school and about to start a permanent makeup business when I got diagnosed.) Ended up having to do the Red Devil chemo, lost my hair, lost 30 lbs (which was actually good) and lost a very special person in my life due to more lies that were being spread about me sleeping with a mutual friend! WTF?

Update to this post: There is a whole lot more but I am done with the ranting! I am on THE COME UP for the last 7 months of 2017 being that I am on NEW chemo that doesn’t affect me as much, REbuilding my businesses better than ever and REbuilding my body better than ever!!!! This is actually a very exciting time for me! God has DEALT with me and allowed me to have ANOTHER chance to be BETTER and I am not wasting it! I am sharing this with you because I want you to see that God can do ANYTHING with anyone when you ALLOW it! Everything you see, hope for, dreamed about – it was put there for a reason and is waiting on YOU! GO GET IT! Let’s do this TOGETHER! I  know I’m going after what’s MINE! I might make mistakes or get sidetracked or whatever at times because I am NOT perfect but God………

Here’s a link to me shaving my head and my Youtube page. Warning: there is cussing on this video.

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