SO we are 7 days into 2018 and WOW! I’m not gonna dwell on ANYTHING else from 2017 because, I’m just not. MOST of it was REALLY BAD – BUT some REALLY, REALLY good stuff did come out of it!  LIFE CHANGING stuff!!! 

New Year’s Eve…..WELL, it wasn’t what I had planned AT ALL but it turned out to be AMAZING! I’m not going to say exactly why RIGHT NOW but as the year unfolds, you will definitely be seeing why!  Let’s just say, I opened myself to something that I never thought I would – I never even THOUGHT about it but……I’m happy I did!  I’m SO rebuilding my life on all different levels and NOT LOOKING BACK! No going backwards, only forward! Building NEW businesses with fresh new outlooks!  Building new relationships – REmembering who I AM!  In doing ALL of this, I will continue to share because I want to continue to reach people and help people and let people know that they are not alone in what they might be going through. 

I have done a lot, been through a lot and have CONQUERED a lot and if I can do it, anyone really can. Everything that is available to me, is available to anyone – everything you need is IN YOU! You just have to stop looking for it in other people because THAT is how you keep getting disappointed! Trust me, I KNOW this for sure because I have been there!!!  NOW, I see more clearly….and it’s not that people are BAD or disappoint us on purpose…some people are just so lost and hurt or egotistical that they just do what they do TO THOSE WHO ALLOW IT. THAT is why WE have to take OUR OWN responsibility for what WE allow around us. Know who YOU are and find peace and joy WITHIN yourself and you will see, you will start attracting that which you are and THAT is an awesome feeling, my friend!

#livingloca  #iloveyou  #paintopower

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